Conditions of Sale


Orders are welcome by telephone, fax, email or in writing.  Kii Tahi Nursery & Land Care welcomes visitors to the Nursery where cash sales are accepted.  Anyone can order from the online catalogue.

All sales are subject to the following terms and conditions of sale.  The only circumstance where any variation to these terms will apply is where Kii Tahi Nursery and Land Care has expressly agreed in writing to that variation.

Requirements are that orders are to be placed 10 working days in advance of the preferred delivery date. Orders are unable to be compiled without advance notice. To become a customer and be eligible to pay on invoice, Kii Tahi Nursery & Land Care requires first time customers to complete a credit application form on placement of plant order. Credit references are asked for and Kii Tahi Nursery & Land Care reserve the right to contact any of the referees for credit history details.


All first time customers must pay within seven (7) days of receipt of invoice. Existing customers are required to pay by the 20th of the month following delivery.

Ownership of all plants is retained by Kii Tahi Nursery & Land Care until paid for in full.  However, if the customer has not yet paid the purchase price of the plants to Kii Tahi Nursery & Land Care at the time of delivery, all risk in those plants will nevertheless pass to the customer at the time of delivery. 

The customer agrees that until the ownership of the plants is transferred to the customer, all proceeds received for sale of the plants shall be received on behalf and paid to Kii Tahi Nursery & Land Care.

An extra 10% of the value of your purchase will be charged per month for every month that the account is overdue.

The customer may not deduct or withhold any amount (whether by way of set-off, counterclaim or otherwise) from any money owing to Kii Tahi Nursery & Land Care.  For the avoidance of doubt, if any account is in dispute, the customer may not withhold payment of the disputed amount.  All prices quoted in the catalogue are exclusive of GST


Plant delivery is on a first-in-first-served basis. From time to time customers may experience delay in delivery. Should an order be of an urgent nature, please inform the staff at Kii Tahi Nursery & Land Care in which they will endeavour to accommodate accordingly. Provided plants are watered at regular intervals, they will survive comfortably in their containers giving the plant the advantage of adjusting to the local environment.  Kii Tahi Nursery & Land Care will endeavour to meet agreed delivery dates but will not be liable, nor may the customer cancel any order, for late delivery.  Due to the busy nature of the business, it is strongly recommended that orders are placed as early as possible to avoid disappointment when Kii Tahi Nursery & Land Care is unable to supply for various reasons.

Plants will be delivered between the hours of 8.30am and 5.00 pm Monday to Friday, excluding statutory holidays.  Kii Tahi Nursery & Land Care may, at the customer's request, arrange delivery by other methods or at other times but will be entitled to charge the customer for any additional costs Kii Tahi Nursery & Land Care may incur.  Deliveries prior to public holidays must be dispatched xx working days in advance.  No plants will be dispatched over the Christmas and New Year period.

Delivery will be deemed to have been made when the plants arrive at the delivery point agreed with the customer or, if the customer is to arrange delivery of the plants, when the plants are available for collection by the customer. 

If the customer fails or refuses to take delivery of the plants, Kii Tahi Nursery & Land Care may (without affecting any other rights it may have) charge the customer for any expenses or additional costs incurred by Kii Tahi Nursery & Land Care as a result of that failure or refusal.  Orders of $500 or less are processed and dispatched as soon as possible. Large or commercial orders are dispatched by arrangement with the Kii Tahi Nursery & Land Care Management. Orders placed exceeding one month in advance require an 50% deposit unless prior arrangement is made with Kii Tahi Nursery

Kii Tahi Nursery & Land Care carefully label and identify plants correctly and aim to provide stock of a high quality, however Kii Tahi Nursery & Land Care takes no responsibility for future growth or performance once plants have left Kii Tahi Nursery & Land Care.

The cost of freight is not included in any of the plant prices. Freight is determined by quantity dispatched and delivery location.

All claims for damaged goods must be made within seven (7) days of delivery. Freight companies accept no responsibility for damage in transit after this period. Kii Tahi Nursery & Land Care welcome notification of any damaged goods delivered to note the performance of the freight company and replace damaged goods.

One plant of every species supplied will be labelled as to name. The cost of packaging is included with freight cost.

Please make direct contact with Kii Tahi Nursery & Land Care for further information.  

Consumer Guarantees Act


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