Kii Tahi Nursery & Land Care
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The seeds are eco-sourced locally where others are bought in from eco-source suppliers.

Satellite Nurseries

To meet the expanding demands of clients, Kii Tahi Nursery has negotiated with various marae of Ngaa Rauru Kiitahi Iwi to establish satellite nurseries. 

This work consists of our staff developing and preparing the satellite nursery, transporting plants and monitoring plant progress. In turn, Kii Tahi Nursery contracts marae whanau to weed and water the plants and provide general security.

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To date, Taipakee Marae (pictured above), situated in Kai Iwi has allowed Kii Tahi to establish a satellite nursery on their grounds which can hold up to 33,000 plants at any one time for the purposes of plant maturity with other marae in negotiation with Kii Tahi to establish similar satellite nurseries.

The strategic objective of Kii Tahi Nursery and Landcare is to increase its market share by working with Maori Land Incorporations, Regional and District Councils and farmers to help meet the Fonterra 2012 target.

In order to reach its objective, the business is constantly reviewing product prices, quality and standards, resulting in competitive prices with 100% quality and standards being met every time.

Other Services
Kii Tahi also provides services such as, spot spraying, post planting and release planting maintenance. Phone now for further enquiries or view the contacts page of this website.
Poplar Poles project
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After soil tests were completed, Kii Tahi in conjunction with the Taranaki Regional Council established a 1,000 plant project on Pakaraka marae. The objective of this initiative is to produce poplar poles for high country land stabilisation projects. Pakaraka marae has the capacity to produce up to 25,000 poplar poles per harvesting cycle.

Production to Date

Since establishment, Kii Tahi Nursery & Land Care has produced and sold more than 100,000 plants of various species with another 40,000 on site in pre-production for next years sales.

The Team at Kii Tahi

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